The Flavor of Love

Whether you are among the newly converted or an old pro at the seemingly never-ending array of flavor choices at Jake’s, we’re pretty sure we have something for everyone. While famous for our Chocolate Slap Yo Mama and our Brown Shugah Vanilla, we have more than two hundred ice creams, sorbets, gelatos, sherbets, frozen yogurt and Joyscreams™ to tempt your taste buds. Most of our flavors are all natural and all of them are made with hormone free dairy and pure cane sugar.

We have sorbet and Joyscream™ for our dairy free and vegan fans and we have finally rolled out our very own Agave sweetened line for those watching their sugar intake.

With 8 flavors in our very first menu, Jake’s offerings soon doubled and then doubled again and again. Most of the flavors were inspired by people like you, the loyal Jake’s fan. That’s how we got Nutter Nanner Elvis, Breakfast in Bed, and Mexican Hot Chocolate to name a few.

We get a lot of attention for the craziness and “outside the boxness” of our flavors. We can only take partial credit because it is you, our beloved fans that have helped us develop most of our menu. Take a look here at what we’ve got in store for you…and call ahead to find out what our daily line up is…or better still…sign up to get our daily update.


  1. • Brown Shugah Vanilla™- Pure vanilla and brown sugar...our second most popular flavor!
  2. • Honey Vanilla- Made with pure vanilla and honey.
  3. • Yo Daddy’s Vanilla- After the lawn was mowed, the game was watched, and the churn was turned there was… Yo Daddy’s Vanilla (just simple, pure vanilla).
  4. • Steve’s Thrillah Vanilla™- Named after our bud Steve Schickler, former President & CEO of Edy’s-Dreyer’s Ice Cream- Thanks Steve!
  5. • Vanilla Malt- Jake’s personal favorite.


  1. • Chocolate Slap Yo Mama™- Made with our signature chocolate sauce, chocolate chips and oreo cookies, this is the black sheep of cookies and cream. And it's our most popular seller.
  2. • Chocolate Cinnamon- Our rich milk chocolate ice cream with just a touch of cinnamon.
  3. • Chocolate Raspberry Truffle- Did you know ice cream could be so decadent? Raspberries and chocolate combine for this sinful flavor.
  4. • Chocolate Peanut Butter- Our rich chocolate base with chocolate peanut butter cups and gobs of luscious peanut butter.
  5. • Chocolate Pecan Piescream™- An entire chocolate pecan pie mixed into a chocolate base—a great twist on a Southern favorite!
  6. • Chocotella Dream™- Sweet cream base chock full of hazelnut-chocolate fudge and hazelnuts.
  7. • German Chocolate Cake- A Bavarian treat made with coconut, walnuts, and lots and lots of chocolate.
  8. • Hot Sexy Mexican- Sweet chocolate Jakescream with a cayenne kick. The Aztecs would be so proud!
  9. • “O”- Chocolate base with raspberry brownies folded in… It is “O” so good!
  10. • The Rockiest Road™- Our road is bumpier and rockier, with marshmallows and walnuts.
  11. • Thin Mint- We had to support a lot of Girl Scouts...


  1. • Cinnamon Kenya AA- Wake up and taste the coffee… and cinnamon! Made with Kenya AA coffee beans with a hint of cinnamon.
  2. • Coffee & Donuts™- Hot, fresh, now doughnuts soaked in denatured coffee liqueur and swimming in coffee ice cream.
  3. • Diesel Fuel- Chocolate, coffee, cinnamon and chocolate covered espresso beans…“Whoa, Baby!”
  4. • Jamocha Almond Chip- Jake’s take on an old favorite. We bet you’ll want seconds and thirds!
  5. • Kenya AA- Wake up and taste the coffee… Made with fresh ground Kenya AA coffee beans HELLO!
  6. • Tiramisu Su Sudio™- To date, the most popular Flavah of the Month winner in Jake’s history. Made with all the ingredients that make tiramisu so decadently good!
Dairy Free
  1. • Blackberry Sorbet (seasonal)- Dairy-free, guilt-free — made with real fruit and sugar.
  2. • Blueberry Sorbet (seasonal)- Dairy-free, guilt-free — made with real fruit and sugar.
  3. • Choco-Nana-Chips Joyscream™- A vegan trip to the jungle: carob, banana and carob chips in our own soy base.
  4. • Chocolate Sorbet- All of the chocolate, none of the dairy!
  5. • Coffee Sorbet- All of that wonderful coffee flavor, none of the dairy!
  6. • Lemon Sorbet- Dairy-free, guilt-free — made with real fruit and sugar.
  7. • Lime Sorbet- Dairy-free, guilt-free — made with real fruit and sugar.
  8. • Mango Sorbet- Dairy-free, guilt-free — made with real fruit and sugar.
  9. • Margarita Sorbet- Made with denatured tequila — don’t worry, we left in the worm. Happy hunting!
  10. • Mimosa Sorbet- Made with denatured champagne and orange juice...very refreshing!
  11. • Peach Sorbet (seasonal)- Dairy-free, guilt-free — made with real fruit and sugar.
  12. • Raspberry Sorbet (seasonal)- Dairy-free, guilt-free — made with real fruit and sugar.
  13. • Strawberry Mimosa Sorbet- Strawberries, orange juice and sugar — very refreshing!
  14. • Strawberry Sorbet- Dairy-free, guilt-free — made with real fruit and sugar.
  15. • Toasted Coconut Joyscream- Fresh from Gilligan’s Island—did you ever see a cow there? Made with coconut milk and coconut cream… and no dairy. Did you get that? NO DAIRY! WOOHOO!
  16. • Tropical Sunshine Sorbet- Fresh pineapple, bananas and coconut milk… We can’t believe this isn’t an ice cream!
  17. • Very Berry Lime Sorbet (seasonal)- Dairy-free, guilt-free — made with strawberries, lime and sugar.
And Much More...
  1. • Banana Split- Chocolate chips, bananas, walnuts, and chocolate syrup — a new twist on an old favorite.
  2. • Betwixed™- Decadent caramel ice cream with those yummy, crispy, chewy things.
  3. • Blueberry Piescream™ (seasonal)- A whole homemade blueberry pie gave its life for this flavor.
  4. • Bourbon Raisin- Drunken raisins (no alcohol remains) in sweet creamy Jake’s.
  5. • Breakfast in Bed™- Cinnamon ice cream with Belgian waffles soaked in Honey-Bourbon Pecan syrup.
  6. • B’s Strawberry Cheesecake- Inspired by our own B Seeger, with gobs of Vivian’s decadent cheesecake.
  7. • Butter Pecan- Made with big pieces of praline pecans and creamy butter.
  8. • Cherry Piescream™- A whole homemade cherry pie gave its life for this flavor.
  9. • Chocolate Leya Cake™- Created by Leya Edelstein (only 13 at the time) — an entire chocolate cake mixed into a sweet, creamy base. Irresistible!
  10. • Cinnamon- We dare you to find a better cinnamon!
  11. • Cinnamon Apple Piescream™- A whole homemade apple pie gave it’s life for this flavor.
  12. • Coconut Custard- You just think you’ve had good coconut ice cream before!.
  13. • Delta’s Delight- Jake's has created "Delta's Delight," a unique ice cream created specifically for Delta, with Biscoffs, caramel swirls and Bailey's Irish Cream. Our way of saying thanks for 75 great years of customer service!
  14. • Devyn’s Animal Cracker™- Your favorite circus friends all frosted up and ready to please!
  15. • Dr. Beth’s Laughing Gas- Mango, coconut, pineapple, dark rum flavoring all mixed together for a giddy taste of paradise.
  16. • Egg Nog (seasonal)- Gather around the fireplace with some of this holiday favorite!
  17. • Elton’s Good Karma’l™- Rich caramel ice cream. The universe just got a little more balanced.
  18. • Georgia Peach (seasonal)- Only the finest Georgia peaches in a custardy, creamy base.
  19. • Ginger- All of the irresistibility, none of the sequins. But we bet you’d want to be stranded on a desert island with this Ginger, too!
  20. • Honey Fig (seasonal)- Made with figs and honey.
  21. • Just Jake™- Jake’s brandied cherries, Jake’s hot fudge, Jake’s gotten carried away!
  22. • Kathy’s Cotton Candy- Just like the carnival treat—sweet, sticky and melts in your mouth!
  23. • Key Lime Piescream™- Two key lime pies gave their lives so you could enjoy one of our most popular flavors!
  24. • Kiss of the Leprechaun- A magical frozen mint chocolate chip potion guaranteed to put a spring in your step and a smile in your heart!
  25. • Max’s Magic Kisses™- Sweet cream base turned blue for you, with white chocolate chips and marshmallows. In honor of Max Cunard and our own Max.
  26. • Meanie Halloweenie (seasonal)- A hint of orange with spooky Halloween treats!
  27. • Nutter Nanner Elvis™- Peanut butter & banana sandwiches were an Elvis favorite. Here’s our take in Jakescream.
  28. • Pa-Smachio- A crazy concoction crammed with pistachios, chocolate cake and espresso!
  29. • Peanut Butter and Jammy- Big hunks of lip smacking peanut butter with gobs of raspberry preserves and graham crackers.
  30. • Peppa-Choco-Mint™- The aftermath from a confectionary trainwreck.  One carrying mouth popping peppermints...the other a load of chocolate chips.  Oh the humanity!
  31. • Peppermint- Inspired by Jake’s early childhood memories of the Howard Johnson in Salisbury, NC.
  32. • Picasso- An homage to Picasso’s rose period. Made with a hint of rosewater—a refreshing treat!
  33. • Pumpkin Piescream™ (seasonal)- A homemade pumpkin pie mixed into sweet creamy Jake’s with a hint of nutmeg. A seasonal favorite.
  34. • Red Velvet- Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing dance with Jake's sweet frozen cream.  A mouthwatering performance.
  35. • Root Beer Float- As authentic a flavor as you can imagine — all that’s missing is the straw! Made with Atlanta’s own Dogwood Root Beer.
  36. • Shear Madness- Rich raspberry ice cream with white, dark and milk chocolate chips.
  37. • Strawberry Fields- Delicious Fresh Strawberries Swirled into this Sweet Cream Base. One bite of this and you will feel like your in the Strawberry Fields!
  38. • Whitehouse Cherry- A sweet cream based ice cream filled with luscious, plump mariciano cherries. A George Washington favorite!

Don’t’ see a flavor you want? We would be delighted to create one for you!